Antiquity (2017 edition)

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Liczba graczy 2-4
Zalecany wiek od 14 lat
Czas zabawy ok. 120-150 minut
Projektant Jeroen Doumen, Joris Wiersinga
Wydanie angielskie
Instrukcja angielska
Złożoność dla wymagających graczy
Zależność językowa mało tekstu - łatwe do zapamiętania
Dostępność: niedostępny
Cena: 319,90 zł 319.90
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Oceń produkt w skali 1-5: 5
Wydawca: Splotter Spellen
Kod produktu: 7554


Antiquity is a strategy game for 2-4 players. It is set in an environment loosely modeled on Italy in the late Middle Ages. Players choose their own victory condition: they can focus on population growth, trade, conquest, or city building by choosing their patron saint. Each strategy requires a completely different style of play. Or you can choose to adore Santa Maria, the most powerful saint of all - but you'll be expected to build a civilization twice as impressive as any other player.

While your economy is constantly improving, with more and more advanced cities bringing new options each turn, the land around your cities is slowly being depleted, forcing you to travel further and further to gather your raw materials - until finally, there is no more land left to farm. Let's hope one of you has won the game before that time!


We will reprint Antiquity this year with some significant updates to the materials, including:

  • We are changing the box; dimensions will be the same as the standard Splotter box, but 50% deeper to fit all the materials. The picture still shows the old box!
  • The wooden pieces, which were simple cubes in past editions, have been redesigned to fit the theme (and yes, we'll check them for size!
  • There will be easy-to-handle plastic chits for pollution instead of cardboard tokens
  • Some of the goods tokens which were hard to distinguish have been recoloured



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