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Liczba graczy 2-4
Zalecany wiek od 10 lat
Czas zabawy ok. 60-90 minut
Projektant Alexander Boucharelis, Lefteris Iroglidis, Anestis Iroglidis
Wydanie międzynarodowe
Instrukcja angielska
Zależność językowa brak tekstu
Dostępność: niedostępny
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Byzantio is a game of medieval intrigue in the east in which players take the role of the heads of the main Byzantine dynasties, and scheme to choose the successor to the imperial throne.

In the 11th century A.D. the empire is torn between four factions, two of them provincial, military aristocracies (the houses of Comnenid and Phocas) and two of them urban, secular aristocracies (the houses of the Dukes and Angels). It is 1025, and the emperor Basileios II has ascended into the heavens without providing for an heir. In Constantinople, representatives from the most important aristocratic families vie for their favored to inherit the Emperor's ring and throne.

It is a futile and petty dispute as each family is not about to surrender the throne to any of the others, but they ultimately decide that the winner will be the one who's supported by most of the wealthiest cities of the empire. Every ambitious successor raises the banner of his dynasty and begins the struggle to win over the cities that will secure him the throne.

Each family secretly chooses seven imperial cities that they will seek to control through the actions available to them: Commandment, Diplomacy, Exile, Trade, Garrison, Espionage, and Corruption. May the rightful heir arise!



Zawartość pudełka: Warto zobaczyć:
• 1 gameboard
• 40 wooden garrison tokens
• 4 wooden pretender to the throne tokens
• 1 wooden octagonal timeline marker
• 4 wooden pencils
• 1 scorepad
• 1 8-sided die
• 3 rulebooks (English, German, French)

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